Saturday, July 25, 2009


This past week the sinking of one corner of the bathroom opened up an exciting new enterprise at our home. In an innovative set of repairs using a spatula (created by Erin in shop) whose handle was a trifle too ornate as well as a little too large for our kitchen, we realized we had created a new arts venue "Galerai Spathula."

We wasted no time in curating the first show for the gallery working from the large private collection of bespoke tools held by a nearby kitchen. The opening night crowd was enthusiastic. "They are soooo flat." I wish I could stand up in here." "This polyethelene carpet is divine!" "David, what are you doing in there?"

This weekend, as we await repairs to the wall tiles that shifted before the rescue spatula arrived we noticed water dripping from the bathroom ceiling. A few blows from the ax opened up a whole new gallery space above our very heads. The excitement of another new venue is palpable. We just need to replace the plumbing line before the show.

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