Saturday, August 28, 2010

Project Management 101: #2 Site Preparation

With the corrected front and back frames completed it is time to locate the shed. I pick a spot down the hill by the boat shed, adding another architectural treasure to my compound. The site, on gravel, is backed by trees to the south and west minimizing solar exposure. I drag the rear frame orienting it to face the shed to the north. I bring down a spade and post hole auger in the wheelbarrow and make a starting divot by kicking vegetation out of the way. I place the auger and make the first turn. Owww, my wrist. I look, a wasp stings me again. Oww. Lots of buzzing, I abandon the tools and run away.

I return in the coolness of early morning and search the trees, no nest. Must be on the ground. More tools, rake, weed eater and lots of clothes - neck warmer, jacket, tucked in pants, gloves and my new Canadian Tire bug hat. I considered buying wasp poison but the instructions on the tin were so scary I decided to leave it in the store. After skimming the site with the weed eater, I vigourously rake the vegetation in short, fast sweeps, looking for the nest in the ground litter. After clearing most of the site I see a group of wasps hovering about a foot away from my divot. I back off and return to dump two cups of gas on the nest. I look for matches, opps, go back up to the house, get matches and a big pail of water. I chuck a lit match and watch the flames consume the nest.

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