Saturday, June 4, 2011

Spring Travels - the big city

In March we traveled to visit family in Toronto. We stopped in Vancouver's Chinatown to visit our favorite Chinese bakery and enjoy a wander through one of city's the many interesting neighbourhoods. On these occasions  I wonder why we bother traveling further afield to see the world, a lot of it seems to have come to Vancouver.

While Vancouver's Chinatown also has its modern aspects, there is still a sense that it is a traditional Chinese place in Canada. Not a reflection of modern China but a representation of the place and time these people emigrated from. In Toronto the Oriental community, both new immigrants and Canadians from British Columbia, is newer and there are some adaptations to being Canadian.

 There is a lot of traffic in Toronto, Couldn't really get used to it.

Southern Ontario however does have its charms, not the least are the lovely women who live there. And once one leaves the confines of the metropolis the rural landscape of the Caledon Hills and the charming small towns that manage to maintain some control over their existence, offer alternatives to the modernist frenzy of conspicuous consumption. Fancy coffees and pastries are inconspicuous consumption so they don't count.

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  1. Nice to hear about your trip. And nice to see Grandma. Love, Erin