Sunday, May 20, 2012

Taiyaki Night !!

Taiyaki moulds. It's okay they died of natural causes.
Taiyaki is a Japanese waffle treat. Andrew got a set of Taiyaki irons for Christmas from his friend, Megan. This was his first go at making these little tasty fish.
The box instructions were clear if the text was completely incomprehensible.
Andrew mixed up the batter using Korean pancake flour, just perfect.
After oiling the irons - actually made of aluminum - he poured in the batter. Then to make them real Taiyaki he added a good dollop of red bean paste in the lower half.
You need a burner for Taiyaki, so we set up the Coleman propane camp stove on top of the fancy, but in this instance useless, electric stove. We watched closely as Andrew turned them back and forth over the burner.
Okay, these are not the first ones. But after one or two rounds of Cajun Taiyaki Andrew got in the zone and lightly browned Taiyaki began flopping around the kitchen.
Joy gave them two thumbs up, a Taiyaki in each hand.

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