Sunday, September 27, 2015

Early Morning Visitor

It was the cat that made that woke us up early Monday morning - loud shrieking calls and moans. I got out of bed, then heard Andrew wake up and turn on the lights. I decided to go back to bed. The cat was mewling by the south windows and Andrew peered into the early morning darkness. Everything seemed quiet and an hour later we were up and Andrew took me to the airport for my trip to Dawson.

I returned on Friday afternoon and looked out the window. At first I noticed nothing but after a minute I wondered why the lines that hold the bird feeders 4 metres above the ground were slack. I looked again and I wondered where did the bird feeders go?

Both of us pulled on our shoes and looked around, one bird feeder was lying on the ground some way down the hill and even now, three days later, we haven't seen a trace of the other one. Our investigation expanded and we noticed unusual markings on the trees.

It looks like a bear had developed an appetite for bird seed as there was none to be seen.

Today, I started up the hill trail through the bush to go and watch the lunar eclipse. I was running to make sure I didn't miss anything when I stopped in my tracks. There was an enormous mound of bear crap in the middle of the trail - a mound well peppered with bird seed.

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