Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day and Birthday Treats

Early May - Joy's birthday with Mothers Day following closely behind. Can two bumbling men actually get it together and organize a party, purchase a gift (or two) or even clean the house? The answer, apparently, is no. We both had good intentions. I had gone to find flowers but discovered the shop was almost completely renovated into offices. I was nonplussed, wandering the streets wondering what plan B was. Fortunately the flower shop had only moved a block away so life took on a rosier hue for awhile. Andrew vased the flowers and we were well chuffed until Joy came home and hauled an enormous bouquet out of the back of the care, a garden dwarfing our humble efforts. Curse the loyalty and forethought of women co-workers. It's almost like they knew how useless men could be.

We did get Mum/Joy out for lunch on Sunday at Real Foods and enjoyed the boys great chow and coffee.

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