Sunday, August 23, 2009

Trials of the Weather, Pleasures of the Trail - Sunshine

The morning shows bits of blue sky, "sucker holes" according to our rainforest companions from Juneau. However, the rain has stopped and there is a chance we can dry out at Lindeman. Lindeman has cabins with wood stoves, the very idea is wonderful. Each group slowly gets organized and heads out towards the sunshine.

The hike today is easy, the trail is good and as the clouds fade we have warm sunshine on our faces. By the time we reach Lindeman in mid afternoon our packs are wind dried. We hang up tents, clothes, sleeping bags. Soon all is dry and everyone's temper is restored. The others continue down the trail but we overnight in Lindeman. The interpretive tent has a Klondike board game, the lack of any rules only makes the play more furious and gold-rush like.

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