Sunday, August 23, 2009

Trials of the Weather, Pleasures of the Trail - End

The final leg of the hike is scenic and pleasant. We hear bear stories from other travellers, relax beside Bare Loon Lake for a snack and enjoy our lunch at a spectacular lookout over the ghost town of Bennett. We catch the train back to Skagway, drive the three blocks to the Thai restaurant where we enjoy tasty, hot curries. The rain begins again to make the world wet and cold. We don't care, our hike is over.

For almost 40 years, Parks Canada and the United States National Park Service have operated the Chilkoot Trail as an international historic park. The success of the trail depends on the diligence and passion of the staff and volunteers that make the Chilkoot both a safe backcountry experience and an engaging historic landscape. Wardens and Rangers, archeologists and curators, trail crew and managers, support staff in urban offices all contribute to the pleasures of the trail. Thanks to them all.

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