Monday, May 24, 2010

Die Zauberflote - A Night at the Opera

On Friday evening I attend a performance of the Magic Flute at the Staatstheater am Gartnerplatz. Built in 1865 this theatre was established as an Actien-Volksttheater, that is, it was publically funded and not subject to royal control. The theatre continues to offer a wide array from the performing arts today. After picking up my tickets I headed to the Deutsche Eiche (German Oak) for dinner. The Eiche has long been a centre of the colourful arts counter-culture of Munchen. Today it boasts the largest male sauna in the city, is a meeting point for the city's Gay society and has an excellent and well presented dinner menu. After dinner I joined the growing circle of opera attendees gathering in the small park before the theatre. I watched a half dozen young women in high heels and formal black gowns opening a bottle and giggle as they passed around small cups launching their evening with some bubbly.

Veal medallions with butter spatzel and salad

Apfel strudel with strawberries, vanilla custard and chocolate almond ice cream

The Gartner Platz theater is small, about the size of the Palace Grand in Dawson City, perhaps a trifle more ornate. There was an intimacy of players, orchestra and audience that such a space provides and the "Masonic" intricacies of Mozart's fantastic tale unwound before us.

I watched a similar scene on the edge of the Englische Garten on my way home.

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