Monday, May 17, 2010

Practice - Touring Freiburg

Yesterday morning I took the boys, or rather Johann took Fritz and I into downtown Freiburg to do some light shopping and sightseeing (while their parents got some adult work done.) Johann led the way down to the S Bahn (tram) and made sure we got off at the right stop downtown. We had to buy a PlayMobil birthday present for Donald's birthday party, held the next day. At the shop both boys received a balloon. We then spent a few minutes out on the street blowing them up and letting the air out before we straddled one fo the "bachlein" (little creeks) that run through the downtown. Balloons were filled with water and drained, balloons floated down the bachlein and were chased, feet went into the bachlein and got wet. All great fun.

Then Johann tooks us to the Munster (the cathedral in the market square) and we climbed to the top of the tower - a very narrow circular stone staircase with people going both directions. We had to stop for a rest a few times on the way because the steps are high and Fritz's legs are still pretty short, but eventually we made it all the way to the top and had a splendid view of the market and surrounding core of Freiburg.

Then back on the tram and a walk home, the long way, past the farm animals and playground, both of which required lengthy stops. Having no agenda beyond giving the parents some space for their work we had a relaxed and entertaining time. Good practice.

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  1. Sounds like a fun day. I'm looking forward to having my own tour guides in Singapore. We'll see if I can get John and James to take me out for a day. . .