Sunday, December 15, 2013

Paddling the Yukon River 3: Forest Fire

Our last night on the river we camped in a small island of unburnt forest. Perhaps 2 km long but only about 40 m wide this strip of living trees was a sanctuary within the scorched trees stretching on both sides of the river.
With no shortage of nearby fire wood we had a magnificent dinner of bbq ribs that left us fat and happy.
Under a full moon the burnt remnants of the forest waved eerily in the night breeze.
The morning was misty and smoky
By now we were practiced loaders (not sure that we ever got that good at paddling) and had an early start on the day's trip.
The end of our sanctuary and the start of a long stretch of burnt timber.
Somehow I ended up at the end of group but we all enjoyed a beer together when we reached Carmacks that evening.

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