Monday, March 23, 2009

Still dry

It's been two weeks since the tub moved into the bath. Work continued around, under and on the approach to the tub, but it still just sat there in a room a few degrees above freezing, looking forlorn.

Last week the crawl space was insulated and a heat duct is now pouring heat into the soil around the house apparently - the air temperature remains stubbornly attached to the outside ambient chill. Water lines are in, though still without water. The light chocolate coloured tiles of the surround and the gleam of tap and spout now grace the tub. It is easier to imagine the relaxing of bones and the cleansing of soul.

Tomorrow the plumber returns. The burble of flowing water will course through the lines, engorge the hotwater tank and whet my imagination. He will turn on the tub tapes to blow out the air, he will fill the tub. I will see my reflection in the (cold) water. Then its back to preparing for the carpenter's return.

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