Thursday, March 5, 2009

Work Begins

At our first meeting I was surprised to find the plumber, the carpenter and the tiler considered me as the general contractor. True, I'd purchased the plumbing fittings, we'd found a suitable soaking tub manufactured in Vancouver and it was sitting on the deck under a couple of feet snow. The tiler coached me through the purchase of tiles for floor and walls. The world of cut stone and burned clay, as ancient as human ingenuity, is incredibly varied. This was especially difficult for this Yukon shopper who is used to purchase decisions like "what do have, I'll buy it." My wife was also a great help in this process.

The carpentry crew astounded me. I had detailed plans printed on a very small piece of paper. The lead hand looked it over, asked me what I wanted while we looked over the space, and in three days the bulk of it appeared just as I imagined. Their familiarity with their tools, material, and stick frame construction was terrific to watch in action. The work proceeded smoothly, almost without effort, and produced nice work. Very impressive. Perhaps we are over terrified by Holmes on Homes who manages to find a bunco job to destroy once a week. There are good people out there doing great work. They were at my house.

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